Menu items are for delivery only in the GTA. Not sure if you are in the GTA? Please click here for map. If you are outside of the shaded area on the map, then choose from one of our meal plans.

Menu Items for Custom Orders

You can select your customized meals here. This is typically used by people who don’t want a full week of meals. If you want to order your meals for a month or a week, please go to our “meal plans” page.

Kindly follow this is as a Sample Menu. Our Chefs strive to serve you maximum variety each delivery by changing the flavors of proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables Portions always remain the same regardless.

  • Flat Iron Steak

    Grilled Flat Iron steak marinated with black pepper, flax, balsamic reduction and fresh herbs. These tender steaks are served with fingerling potatoes which is seasoned with fresh thyme. Served with Chefs choice of fresh vegetables of the day. 4 oz - P - 32 g, Carbs - 27 g, Fats - 18 g, Cal - 398
  • Chicken Breast

    Our Signature and all-time favorite Chicken breast created with honey mustard blend of white wine and fresh herbs like parsley and marjoram. These breasts are topped with crushed white and black sesame seeds. It is accompanied with paprika, tomato puree long grain brown rice. Simplicity at its best! Accompanied with Chefs choice of fresh seasonal vegetables of the day. 4 oz - P - 39.38 g, Carbs - 33 g, Fats - 10.47 g, Cal- 383.75
  • Basa – A white fish

    Baked white fish, a perfect mix of carrots, coconut, ginger, and cilantro blended into a pesto.Served with turmeric cilantro brown rice to add the authentic touch! Accompanied with Chefs choice of fresh, seasonal vegetables of the day. Accompanied with Chefs choice of fresh, seasonal vegetables of the day. 4 oz - Protein: 36g, Carbs: 33g, Fats: 8.4g, Calories: 352
  • Atlantic Salmon

    Baked to perfection and coated with a blanket of oats, honey mustard, dill and dried banana chips. Served with spaghetti squash. A taste in its most natural and pure form. Accompanied with fresh Chefs choice vegetable of the day. 4 oz -P - 26.73 g, Carbs - 14.98 g, Fats - 18.9 g, Cal - 336.84
  • Chicken Whole Wheat Pasta

    Want to experience fine dining gourmet Chefs special artisanal pasta meals at the comfort of your home or office? The flavors, spices, ingredients change each delivery and there is enough room for the Chefs to be as creative as they like without compromising on quality and taste. A scrumptious, extravagant meal indeed! 4 oz - Calories: 350 – 400
  • Beef Sliders

    Grilled Beef Sliders flavoured with turmeric (which has immense health benefits) celery, onions, fresh garlic, rosemary topped with eggplant and sundried tomatoes mousse accompanied best with house made baked sweet potato fries and Chefs choice of fresh vegetables for the day. 4 oz - P - 32.28 g, C - 29.49 g, Fats - 15.17 g, Cal - 383.61
  • Lean Ground Turkey

    Turkey Steaks blended with dried cranberries, prunes, coconut milk, lime spice and fresh herbs. Goes without saying a must try from our Menu. Served with yellow beets, pumpkin seeds quinoa and Chefs choice of fresh vegetables of the day. 4 oz - P -40.09 g, Carbs - 27 g, Fats - 10 g, Cal - 358.37
  • Chicken Thighs

    Chicken thighs flavored with Tandoori spices, cilantro, ginger and lime. Served on a bed of Baked potato fries paired with Chefs choice of fresh vegetables of the day. 4 oz - P - 32.74 g, Carbs - 29.04, Fats - 17.11, Cal - 401.11

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