Toronto Healthy Meal Delivery Company – Weight Loss Diet

Toronto Healthy Meal Delivery Company – Weight Loss Diet

When you are looking for healthy meals delivered to your doorstep, you want it to be perfectly nutritious! Protein Chefs is your one stop shop for healthy delicious meals and gourmet food. Our meals are developed by expert chefs who keeps your well-being in mind at all times. Each meal is packed with essential nutrients such as protein and fibre, ingredients that are low in fat, carbs and calories. The best part of buying meals from us is that we do not use any artificial additives, and the sugar in our meals comes from natural sources only!


#1. Gourmet Meal Plan

#2. Paleo Meal Plan

#3. Athletes Meal Plan

#4. Vegan Meal Plan


Eating healthily every day has never been easier. We prepare your meals fresh for you that are fresher than anything you buy in the supermarket. Protein Chefs believe in minimizing the hassle of ordering and delivery, therefore our zero effort process makes it very easy for you to order the meal of your choice anytime you want.  We only use high-quality ingredients directly from our producers to prepare your meals. All meals are simply heat-to-eat, either in an oven or microwave, as you prefer. No shopping, no chopping, no cleaning, no fuss.


Other than our regular meal plans we also sell custom meals that can be selected from the list below:


Protein Chefs is the #1 Healthy Meal Delivery Company in Toronto, Ontario. Please contact us to learn more about our meals and weight loss recipes.

Paleo Meal to Optimize Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Paleo Meal to Optimize Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing

You eat Paleo. You take decisive action toward your health by following primal evolutionary cues to optimize your physical and mental wellbeing. You enjoy the benefits of feeling happier, stronger, sharper, more productive, and energetic by eating ancestral nutrition. You enhance 10,000 years of genetic potential by following the eating philosophy of our most robust ancestors to survive natural selection.

But this is the modern world, and you are a modern person. The hassle of following any type of diet nowadays demands time, money, creativity, and education. Real Paleo values real food from Paleolithic times; which means no grains, added sugars, processed foods, or dairy while emphasizing quality meats, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats and oils.  The emphasis on natural, whole foods can make grocery shopping a seasonal circus, as much of what we purchase is not local or fresh at all.  In our modern world, grocery stores have become bonafide shopping centers pushing Paleo-ish products that are no more nutritious than the processed poisons you’ve pledged to avoid.

Okay, so you know Paleo doesn’t come from a package, no matter what the label says, but as long as your sticking to the ‘rules’ you are eating healthy, right? It’s easy to assume that just because you follow a diet philosophy you are eating balanced, proportioned meals, and you won’t over-eat in the name of the diet. Reality paints a different picture of nutrient deficiencies, lags of energy, weight gain, frustration – but who wants the fuss of counting calories? Let’s face it, sticking to or changing your diet on your own is hard – physically, mentally, socially.

The transition from our commercially conditioned diets is an exhausting process that is both expensive and frustrating. Even if you can figure out which foods to buy – and don’t mind spending half an hour’s pay for a bag of avocados – most of the food will spoil before you’ve figured out how to make it taste better than bland. Cooking is a messy process that requires creativity, patience, time, and energy that most of us simply cannot afford to spare on food. So we end up eating the same boring meals over and over and over again until one day, we throw our hands up and call for pizza.

Good food is one of our best past times, a natural medicine, a luxury and a pleasure. Good food is fuel; good food is information to your body to express itself in the healthiest terms possible. Protein Chefs is built on the foundation of providing the best food, right to your doorstep.

In our fuss-free world, we have perfected the essence of Paleo nutrition with the highest quality ingredients like hormone and antibiotic free proteins and only-ever-fresh, locally sourced produce. We feed our customers like we feed our family.

The advantage of our easy Paleo Meal Delivery Toronto program makes the primal prescription effortless and low maintenance. Our expert chefs are celebrated for creating bold dishes with ample variety and no sacrifice to flavor. We support your healthy lifestyle choices by saving time, money, and brainpower for more important life decisions like smashing rocks or building fires.

We can’t take you all the way back to Paleolithic times, but with the flexibility and convenience of our Paleo Meal Delivery Toronto program, we can help you take back your time.

Fireside heating not included.

Veganism is a way of life – Toronto Healthy Meal Delivery by Protein Chefs

Veganism is a way of life – Toronto Healthy Meal Delivery by Protein Chefs

Veganism is a way of life that is increasingly growing in practice yet still widely misunderstood and heavily criticized. Whether you have been vegan for a long time or a little, the challenges and chastise are unwelcome stressors that contribute to our already overly complicated lives. Most vegans will agree that veganism is more than just a diet, it is a lifestyle – but knowing your ‘why’ does not always translate to a clear ‘how’. Most people adopt a vegan lifestyle because of an ethical responsibility to themselves, to animal welfare, and to environmental sustainability. This strong compassion compels vegans to abstain from consuming or using any products that come from animals. Some may be easily frustrated by the restrictions of veganism, but the truth is that there are plenty of tasty options to explore that will leave you glowing from the inside out!

The concept of veganism is not just to reduce animal and environmental harm, but also to improve personal health. A balanced, well-planned vegan diet is viable to optimal wellbeing with improved energy levels, good digestion, balanced mood, and controlled weight-management. It’s important to consume mainly whole foods with plenty of variety to meet nutrient, vitamin, and mineral needs. Veganism can feel limited and challenging, especially to someone newly adapting to more conscious eating habits. It can be easy to lose your inspiration to cook, to end up eating the same foods over and over, or to succumb to the convenience of fast food.

Processed food is the cornerstone of our modern diets and the recent rise of veganism has not been unaffected by junk products. Vegans now have more processed food options than ever – with refined sugars, preservatives, artificial flavours and fillers contributing to the new demand for ‘mock’ versions of non-vegan foods. Most people would assume that vegans have healthy eating habits, but the truth is that navigating nutrition nowadays is more complicated than ever, particularly for vegans. Although many people are curious about veganism, most struggle to start, or find that overwhelming responsibility makes it too difficult to maintain.

Protein Chefs now offers the Vegan Meal Delivery Toronto program, which acknowledges the unique challenges many vegans face and supports vegans in making informed nutritional decisions for a better future. Our vegan menus are seasonally inspired, using only the finest ingredients to sustain vital nutrition. Our meals combine a variety of fresh foods to provide a robust nutritional profile and give an international experience with many exciting and delicious cuisines. Let us show you how our sensational Vegan Meal Delivery Toronto menus can make veganism a viable lifestyle choice that is simple, healthy, and appetizing.

At last, no need to compete between fresh and convenient foods as our easy and affordable meal service delivers real food right to your door, no stress or apron required! The Vegan Meal Delivery Toronto program sees beyond the nutrition label and helps your save more time and energy to respect your body and the planet.

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