When you are hungry for healthy meals, you want the best! At Protein Chefs, we offer original recipes prepared by our culinary team at an affordable price. Our meal delivery services are available throughout Ontario and you can order your meal plan in 3 easy steps by choosing the meal plan, selecting your preferences and then ordering through our online shopping cart. Once you order your choice of meal plan, our Chefs who have more than 25 years in cooking healthy meals are going to prepare fresh food, pack it and send it to you doorstep.

Ordering prepared meals from Protein Chefs means ordering recipes designed to be balanced and nutritious. The quality of our food is such that most of the instagram celebrities and health conscious individuals comes back and order more. Over the years we have seen our customer retention rate has gone higher and thanks to our Chefs who have constantly put efforts in improving the overall menu and taste of our healthy meal plans.


#1. Gourmet Meal Plan

#2. Paleo Meal Plan

#3. Athletes Meal Plan

#4. Vegan Meal Plan

Enhance Your Dining Experience With Protein Chefs Healthy Meals

If you are looking for catering services or you are interested in custom food order then you are definitely ordering our fresh, diet meals delivered in Mississauga, Ontario by Protein Chefs. Our creative menu uses unique and exotic flavors with ingredients to enhance your overall dining experience. Our healthy meal delivery plans are designed for healthy living & weight loss management. We offer the widest selection of healthy options from Portion Controlled Meal Plan, Paleo Meals to Athletes Meal Plan and Vegan Meal Plan.

For parties, events and meetings, if you want to hire a catering services, we are here to help. You can order your food online as per your choice and we will cater to your event.


Mississauga Custom Healthy Meal Orders

With Protein Chefs, you can now order custom healthy meals. We understand that some customers may not want what we have in our regular meal plans and may want to custom order their meals which itself is a great option if you have allergies etc. Other than our regular meal plans, we also take custom orders such as:

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