Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Author

Jennifer (aka Coach JVB) is a leading global fitness expert, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Conditioning Specialist and a Pre and Postnatal Specialist. Jennifer is also the founder of Team Strong Girls Transformation Coaching. Her approach to lifestyle and nutrition coaching has influenced and motivated thousands of women around the world towards their fitness goals and she is praised regularly for her dramatic transformations, which to date result in over 20,000 lbs.

Jennifer contributes regularly to a number of media outlets and has been featured on Breakfast Television and The Shopping Channel, as well as in print publications like People Magazine, Strong Magazine and Muscle Memory. She has also secured two covers with Canada’s number one fitness magazine – Inside Fitness Magazine and was the winner of the 2016 Inside Fitness Hot and Fit 100.

As a mother to an active 3 year old boy, Jennifer’s mission is to help moms prioritize themselves again because she believes wholeheartedly that moms set the standard for the family.


1:1 Transformation Coaching

TEAM STRONG GIRLS helps active women achieve their fitness goals so whether you’re looking to lose weight, build confidence and shape, or even to completely transform your body and do a professional fitness photo shoot; you can expect results and an education that will last a lifetime.


$349/month with a 4 month minimum commitment


When you become a TEAM STRONG GIRLS Coaching Client, you will get into the best shape of your life with your own individualized program designed based on your goals, your lifestyle, food preferences and your schedule. You will receive unlimited coaching support and features such as:

  • Your own individualized nutrition program/strategy that will include delicious recipes and even Free Meals where you get to eat what you want
  • Your own customized workout program and access to my Training App so you can go to the gym and know exactly what you need to do and when to do it – right in the palm of your hand. More importantly you’ll be doing less cardio but have vastly improved results
  • Access to your coach via email to have your questions answered and get the attention and support to help you succeed
  • Access to a number of VIP success tools (FAQ Sheets, Navigation Tools, Vacation Workouts, etc.) to maximize your results and enjoy life while also being on plan
  • Access to our Private Food Flexible tools that allow you to enjoy unlimited food variety and still be on track and compliant with your program
  • Access to over 100 On Plan Recipes
  • Membership to our Private Facebook Support Group to help you get to your goals faster and connect with other STRONG GIRLS around the world who are on the same journey as you; this group helps immensely with accountability by sharing best practices and helping you succeed through life’s most common obstacles

I know there are countless of weight loss and fitness programs out there but I’ve made it my #1 priority to make our coaching platform the one place where you can start your fitness journey and work on the body of your dreams with no food restriction, no isolation, no drama and none of the garbage fitness/dieting myths that are out there.

It’s THE place for women who are serious about fitness and learning that it can be fun and family friendly at the same time.

12-Week Challenge

Join the STRONG GIRLS 12 Week Challenge Program and get all the secrets that has helped thousands of women across the world transform their bodies permanently! End pointless exercise sessions with no results and say good-bye to yo-yo dieting once and for all.


$500 | 1 Time Payment


The 12 Week Challenge Includes:

  • Personalized training & nutrition plan based on a detailed questionnaire to shape your body
  • Access to Private Facebook Support Group with hundreds of STRONG GIRLS to help you stay motivated
  • Track your fat loss and strength progress with our online Success Trackers
  • This 3 phase Training Program is power packed with intensity
  • The workouts include Coach JVB’s personal body shaping exercises
  • Over 100+ exercise video tutorials viewable on your Smart Phone
  • VIP Membership tools for unlimited food flexibility

Requirements to Join the Challenge:

  • A gym membership
  • No diet restrictions. This plan includes a wide variety of protein sources.

1-Time Nutrition Set Up / Consult

This include Kettlebell, Tight In 20 and Counting Macros ebooks as well.

PRICE: $250