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Protein Chefs Inc. was founded in 2015 with a vision to provide high quality nutritious meals to the residents of Ontario using simple, fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The company started when meal prep was a new culture and an upcoming trend our society needed as people lives became busier with little or no time to prepare healthy meals. 

Ronneil, the founder/CEO of Protein Chefs understood this need in real time and worked towards providing nutritious ready to eat meals for our awesome community. 

Fast forward to today, Protein Chefs has become a household name in the meal prep industry with more than 100% growth year after year. 

Operating at our 5,000 square feet commercial facility based out of North York, our culinary team is able to produce 1,000’s of meals each week for our awesome and loyal customers.

We understand the needs of our clientele and continue to evolve providing the best meal prep service. 

Our Packaging

Our meals are packed using Modified Atmosphere Packaging. It is sealed to keep quality and freshness up to 6 days.

Our packaging is made up of both biodegradable and recyclable materials
Our food trays are both microwave and freezer friendly.

Protein Chefs is committed to be an environmentally friendly company. We encourage everyone to recycle.

To reduce waste and green house gases, we advise that you accumulate and return the shipping boxes. When you accumulate 8 shipping boxes, please let us know via email or phone and one of our drivers would be happy to pick them up. After returning the boxes, you will receive a $10.00 coupon code to use towards your next order with us.

Here is how Protein Chefs help reduce Ontario’s food waste:

Customers place their weekly orders prior to the order deadlines.

The orders are sent to the kitchen; the Chefs calculate exactly how much produce and meats are needed for a delivery (based on the customers orders).

This calculation is formatted and sent to the suppliers for commodities that we need.

Suppliers deliver ONLY FRESH and exactly what’s ordered.

The meals are cooked as per specifications and recipes, hence there is no food or ingredient wasted.

By supporting Protein Chefs, you are contributing towards our society and helping in your own little way to avoid food wastage

Ronneil Ramlal


Ronneil is a highly motivated individual who has a zest for life. He is recognized as a hands-on Entrepreneur with strong problem-solving skills, who can inaugurate change and execute new processes in challenging environments.

He moved from Trinidad to Canada in 2006 and graduated in 2009 with a degree in Business Management. Prior to opening Protein Chefs, he worked at UPS Canada as a Front-Line Operations Supervisor for 4 years as well as working in retail management at the same time.

His passion and love for fitness started 10 years ago and he has not looked back since! He started Protein Chefs Inc. in 2015 with the idea to help people change their lives just by incorporating healthy meals in their diet day to day. He believes nutritious meals can help transform not only our bodies but also our mind and emotions.

His desire to succeed, resilient work ethic, hard work, determination, and drive motivates all of us as a team at Protein Chefs.

Yuvika Wadhwa

Operations Manager

Meet Yuvika, our Operations Manager at Protein Chefs Inc. She has been in the hospitality industry since 2002, studied Hotel Management in India and moved to Canada in Year 2007 where she specialized and honed her skills in Baking and Pastry Arts. She has a passion for service industry and has been working in hospitality for 19 long years. 

She successfully made her way to the position of Operations Manager at Protein Chefs. Yuvika has taken every role and challenge that came her way, gracefully. She takes care of customer service and oversees Kitchen Operations and has a great eye for detail (nothing goes unnoticed). She has been an integral part of our organisation and helps with day-to-day operations. Her work ethic, commitment and leadership skills make a great asset for Protein Chefs. She is bubbly and fun loving like a bottle of Champagne! 😊 

We are grateful to have her on board.

Chris De Giusti

Head Chef

Chef Chris is an Italian Canadian who brings over ten years of culinary experience to the Protein Chefs Inc. team. His experience ranges from fine dining to larger banquets at some of the finest hotels and private clubs in Toronto. 

Chef Chris also brings a passion for travelling and has immersed himself in a wide range of international flavors to incorporate into our dishes at Protein Chefs. 

A proud father of two young daughters, Chef Chris has a great appreciation for food that can be healthy without sacrificing flavor, creativity, or excitement.

He is also a mentor to our culinary team and sets a great tone in the kitchen. A good example of a young professional Chef, who loves what he does and does what he loves! His work truly speaks for itself. We are extremely happy to have him as the Head Chef, running the Kitchen at Protein Chefs with a Team of other skilled Cooks.

Ala D

Sous Chef

Ala has been cooking creative and delicious dishes in numerous fine dining restaurants and industrial kitchens across Canada for the past 12 years. Her Iranian-Canadian heritage and experience has been inspired by how food can tell a story and bring people together.  

Ala has deep and practical knowledge of the hospitality industry. She strongly influences the menu, combining her past cooking experience with new trends inspired by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. In her spare time, Ala enjoys an active life and engages in fitness camps. Every meal she creates reflects her values, providing excellent taste and nourishment for the mind and body.

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