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How to OUTSMART your Junk Food Cravings?

By Protein Chefs

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Do you love fast food? Yes!! junk food such as pop, chips, burgers, fries, oily deep fried food that sells at MacDonals, Wendy's etc? Do you get that craving of having them all the times vs healthy meals that are organic such as vegetable, fruits and meat? If you do, then we have some great advise on how you can easily outsmart your own brain that craves for junk food! Following are few tips:

#1. Find alternatives that give your body the pleasure of eating something sweet or salty without the preservatives and fat content. The sheer number of healthy, organic goodies that leave you feeling full would surprise you. Are you the type of person that prefers salty treats? Try eating salted almonds instead of a bag of chips. If you are a person who prefers the sweet side of things, fruits are a phenomenal source of natural sugar that can leave you feeling satiated.

#2. Some people find giving up junk food cold turkey easier than transitioning out of it. If you think that you won’t be able to kick the habit, then choose your final day for sweets and stick to it. If you aren’t quite ready, start by limiting your intake of junk food every day until you eventually find that you just don’t need it anymore. All it takes is substituting that salty bag of chips for a mini bag of salted almonds!

#3. We often snack when our meals aren’t filling enough. Try to include a balanced diet that includes nutrient dense food. Remember, healthy sources of fat are good for you and can help you feel full longer. Some people find that incorporating protein rich foods with healthy sources of fat (such as fish, avocados, and eggs) can help you snack less.


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