Supporting the Local Ontario Family Farms - Protein Chefs

Supporting the Local Ontario Family Farms - Protein Chefs

By Protein Chefs

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Supporting the Local Ontario Family Farms – Protein Chefs

No more grocery shopping, cooking and washing dishes! Let our team of highly qualified and talented local Chefs take on that role for you, adding that much time back into your lives so you can focus on more important things.

Supporting the Local Ontario Family Farms – Protein Chefs

At Protein Chefs we are determined to support the local Ontario family farms and that is the reason that we are offering grass fed beef, wild caught sustainable fish and the best quality produce without making a change to our current price point. We support small local Ontario farmers who share the philosophy of raising livestock in a humane and environmentally conscious manner without the use of artificial hormones or antibiotics. We understand the need to eat fresh, healthy meals and how this benefits us long term for example: we only buy from chicken farms that are family run operations in which the chickens are free to roam and enjoy fresh country air with plenty of sunlight.

By joining Protein Chefs community, not only do you invest in yourself, but we invest in you too!

Avoiding Food Wastage

By supporting Protein Chefs, you are contributing towards our society and helping in your own little way to avoid food wastage. Here is how Protein Chefs help reduce Ontario’s food waste:

  • We have order cut off times for our customers to place their weekly orders.
  • The orders are sent to the kitchen; the Chefs calculate exactly how much produce and meats are needed for a delivery (based on the customers orders).
  • This calculation is formatted and sent to the suppliers for commodities that we need.
  • Suppliers send exactly what’s ordered and only fresh ingredients.
  • The meals are cooked as per specifications and recipes, hence there is no food or ingredient wasted.

Our Team does all it takes to make your health their TOP priority. We vouch for our quality and stand true to our work ethics.

Wishing more health from our Protein Chefs family to yours!


You can order your meal in 3 easy steps:

STEP 1: Choose Your Meal Plans

STEP 2: Select Your Preference

STEP 3: We Ship Your Meals


  1. Gourmet Meal Plan

  2. Paleo Meal Plan

  3. Athletes Meal Plan

  4. Keto Meal Plan

  5. Weight Loss Meal Plan

  6. Vegan Meal Plan

Keep Your Road Trip—And Healthy Eating—Simple

Leave the stress of meal planning behind with Protein Chefs’ nutritious, delicious, pre-made meal kits.