“Ordered a couple of meals to try them out. Chicken Adobo with rice noodles and vegetables was delicious! Would highly recommend! The meals are packaged well and easy to heat and eat. Can’t wait to try some dessert!”

– Bhuvan Vij





“Got the weight loss meals, they taste pretty good but a pro tip is to get the Athlete’s meal and customize with double vegetable. They will charge you $1 more, but the Athlete’s meals taste much cleaner with a simple lean protein, I can tell it has less sodium and oil, and it still tastes great. Portions are huge, if you empty the tray onto a plate you’ll see it fills up a large plate quickly, all for around 300-350 calories which is great. I also appreciate that unlike other meal delivery companies they actually have a phone number you can call to talk to someone and also offer delivery tracking

I’ve also tried One Life meals which are also good but I feel Protein Chefs tastes better. They also seal their meals in an air tight packaging so they last longer. Their selection of vegetables is also larger and more unique which keeps things interesting.

– Bruno








“Protein Chefs are undeniably the best. Many options to customize your nutritional needs. Delicious, convenient (no cooking just heating!) and excellent customer service. Local, sustainable, all the packaging is recyclable and once you collect 8 boxes they will pick them up and a $10 discount is provided on your next order. Excellent initiative. I’ve tried a number of meal services and this is by far the best.”

– Dawn El






“I decided to pull the trigger and have Protein Chefs provide me with 4 meals a day 6 days a week. So far I’m absolutely shocked at how good they taste. There isn’t a single thing that doesn’t taste home made. The quality actually exceeded my expectations. I now have so much more time to operate my business and be more productive. This is going to save me a lot of money in the long run. Thanks Protein Chefs for accommodating my requests.”

– Brendan Coates