Always Stay Fit - Essential Exercise When On The Go

Always Stay Fit - Essential Exercise When On The Go

By Protein Chefs

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Whether you are travelling, stuck at the office, or nowhere near a gym, staying fit can become a challenge when your environment isn’t cooperative. Fortunately, new research tells us that short periods of intense exercise can be just as effective – or even more so – than longer, moderately intense, workouts that you may be used to.

In fact, switching up your workouts is vital for enhancing your fitness as it takes your body out of the comfortable ‘steady state’ and into a fat burning, muscle building, state. This means shorter workouts and faster results.

To help you out, we have compiled a simple but essential program to keep your fit when on the go!


STEP 1: Warm up is the first step to get ready for any workout and that’s why you must chose your choice of exercise to warm up. Anything to speed up your heart rate will do. For example, a light jog with arm rotation, high knees, or skipping. Just do it!

STEP 2: Circuit training is what will really make your exercise intense quickly giving you the same results as you will get after working out for an hour. Using the concept of “rounds for time”, time yourself from beginning to end of each circuit (including rest breaks), with the objective of beating your old time the next time you do it. Here you can chose your choice of exercises with weights or without weights such as push ups etc.

STEP 3: Walk it out and do some light stretches. If you run out of time, ensure that you complete a small stretching session before you sleep.

With no commute, gym membership fees, or long waiting times for machines, you may just find that this kind of circuit training is more convenient, effective and even more fun than your usual gym routine. From this day forward, finding the time and resources to workout have officially become easier. 



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