Cheap Eats in Downtown Toronto

8 Top Cheap Eats in Downtown Toronto (Full Meals for $19 or Less)

By Ronneil Ramlal

5 Min Read

With inflation causing Canadian food prices to skyrocket, finding tasty and cheap eats in downtown Toronto is becoming harder. But, that’s not to say affordable dining is dead in Ontario, there are plenty of delicious, mouth-watering (and affordable!) options - if you know where to look. 

Fortunately, we know where to find local gems that will make Toronto foodies (and their wallets) exhale sighs of relief. We’ve scoured the region and have found 10 truly worthwhile restaurants to make the list of everyone's cheap eats in Toronto go-to’s. So, let’s get to it!

8 Best Cheap Eats in Toronto in 2023

Banh Mi Boys

The Banh Mi Boys sandwich shop is run by three brothers who wanted to bring the beauty and flavours of traditional Vietnamese Banh Mi street food to Toronto. And they did, but with a Canadian twist of flavours that people of Toronto have adored since 2011.

The flavours are delectable, the food is fresh, the local reviews are through the roof. Sounds great already right? What’s even better is that the most expensive item on the menu is $12.50. Choose from $5 tacos, sandwiches for $8 or their specialty KimChi fries for $9.


Franki’s Diner

With a tagline of “Home of Queen’s West Original Homeburger '' and was established in 1978, you know you're going to get some good eats at Franki’s Diner. The menu is filled with classic comfort foods and rib-sticking breakfast platters at prices that won’t make you choose between eating out or paying rent.

Most items on their menu are in the $10 - $15 range with a few exceptions that could push you up to the $20 mark. What do we recommend? If you’re in for lunch, give the Toronto Cheesesteak a try.

Juicy Dumpling

Before we say anything about Juicy Dumpling’s amazing food, let’s just say this: 6 dumplings for $2.99. That’s for their mouth-watering pork dumplings. If you want to splurge on their crab + pork dumplings, expect to shell out $5.99.

Other items on their menu are deep fried fish filet, green onion cakes, wonton soup and so much more, with no item exceeding $8.99. And they’re right on the corner of Spadina and Dundas St. West.

You’re welcome.

Curious where to find good eats across Ontario? Check out our tips:

Loaded Pierogi

Take your love of the humble pierogi to the next level, without breaking the bank, with a visit to Loaded Pierogi in Toronto. They have “custom choices for every craving” that let you get the ultimate pierogi experience on your terms. Or, choose from one of their pre-made pierogi bowls such as their Mushroom and Truffle, Hail Caesar, or Bang-Bang Cauliflower options.

No item costs more than $15.95 (the tempting Smoking Pig Roast option) with most being between $12 - $15. Have kids? You’ll love their kids meals for just $4.99!

There’s two Loaded Pierogi restaurants in Toronto to choose from.

Holy Chuck Burgers

Holy Chuck Burgers touts themselves as “a pioneer in Toronto's burger scene” and serve up hand-rolled patties made with quality ingredients. These guys are serious about burgers - it’s not a place where you’ll find a small burger patty trapped underneath superfluous toppings.

The best part? Most burgers are less than $20. For a full-sized meal for less than that, we suggest you try the basic cheeseburger (it’s big, we promise!) and some crispy waffle fries.

Rolltation Sushi Burrito

When you think of cheap sushi, it may not inspire feelings akin to a best value restaurant in Toronto. However, at Rolltation, that couldn’t be more true. Rolltation, with three locations in downtown Toronto, serves up quality sushi and other Japanese inspired dishes for downright good prices.

With only a handful of items on their menu above the $15 mark - and none above $20 - visiting a Rolltation restaurant in Toronto is a good way to eat healthy, fresh food, for less.

The MoMo House

For Tibetan dumplings (called Momos) handmade by local women at an unbeatable price, The MoMo House is the place for you. Each order of momo’s comes with 10 dumplings chock full of flavour for no more than $9.50 an order. Top it off with a 2 piece beef patty side and you have an amazing meal for less than $19.

What do we recommend? The Butter Chicken Momo - a heavenly mix of momos and out of this world butter chicken sauce.

Best Cheap Eats in Toronto

Kibo Sushi House

A second sushi house made it to our favourite downtown cheap restaurants in Toronto list. And it’s another one well worth a visit. While there are items on their menu that will set you back more than $20, they have some crazy good options for much less.

Kibo Sushi House is a chain restaurant and there are more than a couple in downtown Toronto.

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