5 Spots for Healthy Food in Mississauga (And What You Should Look For)

5 Spots for Healthy Food in Mississauga (And What You Should Look For)

By Protein Chefs

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Unhealthy eating habits can have a number of long-term health consequences that you can easily avoid . . . especially if you live in Mississauga. The scene for healthy food in Mississauga is growing with each passing year, providing a wide variety of options, flavors, and price points, for you and your family. In other words, there’s no excuse for avoiding healthy food in Mississauga! That said, we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of the top places for healthy food in Mississauga – including both restaurants and home delivery services. After all, food prices are getting out of hand. In January 2023, there was an 11.4% year-over-year increase in food prices. These price increases were widespread, hitting everything and the proverbial ‘kitchen sink’:
  • Fresh veggies were up 14.7%
  • Meat prices generally jumped 3.4%
  • Chicken shot up 9%
  • Flour rose by 23.2%
  • Butter climbed 19.1%
That means that eating out as regularly may not be as financially feasible as it was last year. That’s why we’re including some options for healthy food delivery in Mississauga as well as some options for healthy take out food in Mississauga. That way you can stay healthy without harming your financial health.

How We Rank Healthy Food in Mississauga

It’s easy for restaurants and takeout services to call themselves ‘healthy food providers’ – it’s an entirely different thing to actually be a healthy food option. 

So what makes something healthy? 

For people looking to trim down, they may only focus on the caloric content, but that’s just one aspect of a healthy meal. Your healthy meal ought to have high and proportional nutritional value (protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, to name a few) as well be made with fresh, non-processed (when possible) ingredients. 

We place an emphasis on meals that include a good mixture of:

  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Protein sources (meat, nuts, tofu, etc.) 

And the things we want to avoid are:

Overall, we’re trying to prioritize high-quality, locally sourced (when possible) fresh food and ingredients. 

Whether you get that food via a meal prep service, going to the grocery store, or getting healthy food delivery in Mississauga, we want to make sure you’re getting a healthy, well-balanced meal to keep you feeling good.

Top Healthy Food in Mississauga

1. Protein Chefs

One of the leading home meal delivery services, Protein Chefs is the prepared meal delivery service of choice if you want healthy ingredients that make up tasty meals – without the need to shop for and cook your food. 

You can customize your meal plan to receive anywhere between one and six meals a week, with the ability to scale your portions as well, so you won’t overspend on food you end up throwing out. 

The menu is curated to feature tried and tested meals that are equal parts good for you and tasty. These menus rotate monthly so you’ll never get tired of eating the same stuff over and over and over again. 

For gourmet meal lovers, we’ve got maple and grainy mustard-glazed salmon (with wild-caught fish). For those with an eye for keto, cheesy southwestern pulled chicken. For those looking to lose some weight, we’ve got Italian beef meatloaf with spicy tomato sauce (and made with 100% grass-fed beef). 

And these are just a few of our delicious healthy food options.

And if you follow a halal or vegan diet, don’t worry – we’re proud to provide healthy food delivery in Mississauga and delicious food options that hit all the right nutritional notes. 

Did you know…

quick healthy food in Mississauga

Source: St. Luke’s Health

2. Nourishmoi

Remember how we said we don’t want those refined ingredients and preservatives? Nourishmoi really took this to heart, totally eliminating all refined ingredients and preservatives from its menu. 

That means that all those unhealthy foods are virtually non-existent at Nourishmoi. 

As a kicker, everything is locally sourced and organic, with appetizers ranging from sweet bean tacos to main dishes like Caesar salad or a gluten-free grilled cheese sandwich. The one kicker is this is an entirely plant-based menu, so no meat or fish. But if that’s to your liking, then you can’t go wrong with this great, healthy eatery. 

3. The Cold Pressery

Juice diets are having a bit of a moment. People are discovering that they can have a full, healthy, enjoyable meal – in liquid form! 

For those that have an affinity to vegan juice options, then you can’t go wrong with The Cold Pressery.

healthy food delivery in Mississauga

And for those that want something a bit more solid than juice, they do feature vegan grilled cheese – and it’s not $20 for a sandwich! Which is very rare for restaurants these days. 

If you’re looking for quick healthy food in Mississauga, ON, then you can’t go wrong with The Cold Pressery. Best yet, this is a healthy food delivery service in Mississauga, so you can have your healthy meal delivered directly to your door. 

Craving a refreshing smoothie? You can’t go wrong with their banana berry smoothie. Looking for something a little more filling? We also recommend their vegan pesto grilled cheese.

4. Raw Aura

For those with more eclectic tastes (or looking to impress a date), try Raw Aura.

As the name implies, this is a raw food establishment that is also fully vegan and organic. Try their soups, salads, bowls, and everything else on the menu for some exciting healthy food in Mississauga options.

If you’re looking to warm up with a soup, we recommend their Miso Me Please—a bowl of red and white miso soup, with nutrient-rich kale, kelp noodles, and nori.

5. Zen Gardens

If you want some quick, healthy food in Mississauga, ON, then Zen Gardens has you covered. 

With some of the best oolong tea in the city, Zen Gardens is loved among vegetarians in the area for Chinese food staples like spring rolls to Kung Po soy fritters. We also recommend the seitan platter, especially if you’re looking for a range of flavors in a single dish.

Protein Chefs – Your Go-to for Healthy Food in Mississauga

If you’re hungry for delicious, nutritious healthy food delivery in Mississauga, then you want Protein Chefs. 

Our meals are always prepared with the best sustainable ingredients. Just so you know we’re serious about what we do, we’ve had our food featured in top fitness magazines Inside Fitness and Muscle Insider.

We provide a healthy menu that supports your nutrition needs, no matter your diet. Tap into highly customizable meal plans for every type of diet, preference, and allergy.

We provide fast quick healthy food in Mississauga and throughout Ontario. Don’t forget to keep checking our menu, as our options change twice a week! 

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