Whole Foods VS Processed Foods - Which is Better?

Whole Foods VS Processed Foods - Which is Better?

By Protein Chefs

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Whole Foods VS Processed Foods

What you like vs what is good for your body is so important to understand. We all have heard that junk food (processed food) are bad for our body and are responsible for so many illness that originate from consuming such foods. But, when it comes to taste, we all like processed foods over organic whole foods.

Terms like “brain food” and “food for thought” have been popping up for years, but maybe we haven’t really given them the attention they deserve. Do we actually know what each term means? Which foods are really best for the brain? And which studies we should be focusing on?

Even if you make the switch to start eating healthier, it’s still easy to consume processed foods on a regular basis. These foods are what you would generally find in the aisles of your grocery store such as vegetable chips, crackers, or anything with processed fructose.

Whole Foods VS Processed Foods – Which is Better?

By eliminating these from your diet and sticking to whole foods, you’ll notice a drastic improvement in regards to how full you feel at the end of every meal.

Whole foods are phenomenal for giving you the fibre that you need to improve your hunger, and to tide you over until your next meal.

The best part is that they have far less calories and carbs than what you would find with boxed snacks and dinners. A few good items to consider when you’re switching your diet to whole foods include: nuts, animal fats, avocados, coconut oil, and animal based omega-3 fats.

It turns out that choosing certain foods can actually help make us smarter. Or rather, think more clearly. All it takes is understanding which foods to eat, and how they can help. Even though we know it’s important to eat healthy food, ongoing research tells us which healthy foods can also have an impact on brain function.


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