Vegan Meal Delivery Toronto

Delicious Vegan Meal Delivery in Toronto for a Healthier Lifestyle

Get fresh vegan meals delivered right to your doorstep.

Why choose Protein Chefs for vegan meal delivery in Toronto?

  • Save time cooking with healthy ready-to-eat meals delivered all over Ontario.  
  • Satisfy your cravings by customizing your meal plans for the meals you love. 
  • Enjoy fresh seasonal produce and support local farmers.
  • Don’t get bored of eating the same dishes with a menu that changes twice a week. 
  • These aren’t frozen TV dinners all vegan meals are prepared by a seasoned Chef de Cuisine.
  • No artificial ingredients or colours – we only use the freshest foods for your vegan meals. 

Finding it tough to stay on track? Call Protein Chefs’ and get pre-portioned vegan meals delivered to your front door.

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I work a very long day, and if one meal was missing it would mess me right up. I gave Protein Chefs a try and i loved the variety of clean healthy food they provided me. I never even felt the need to heat up the food because it was so good. Full of flavor.

Having this service gave me the time to come home and relax. I didn’t need to cook. Because I no longer had this stress my body reacted so much better. I looked forward to my meals, and was a happier person.

I strongly recommend giving Protein Chefs a try.

Brittany Paige

The fact that protein chefs offers the best quality of meats and veggies has a lot to do with estrogen control. Less hormones and preservatives equals an over all happy body.

I lost 8 pounds while working with protein chefs over 3 months. It was a healthy weight loss and I have had no problem keeping it off because of that important factor. Thank you protein chefs.


Sheena Thompson

Protein Chefs

Vegan Food Delivery in Toronto

20 Millwick Drive,
North York, M9L1Y3

Contact Us: 833-585-1613

Why You’ll Love Our Vegan Delivery In Toronto


Save yourself the hassle when cooking vegan meals. Order from Protein Chefs and get tasty, nutritious meals delivered to you.

Certified Healthy

You don’t like bad ingredients and neither do we. We don’t use artificial additives whether for coloring or flavor.

Certified Delicious

Protein Chefs’ vegan meal delivery choices are also prepared by a Certified Chef de Cuisine (CCC).

On-Time Delivery

Track your vegan meal delivery in Toronto every time. We deliver fresh meals every week to your doorstep.

Customize Your Meal

Satisfy your cravings by building your own menu. Choose from a wide variety of options to suit every palate.

Meal Variety

We change the menu twice a week – or 8 times a month. That’s why our meal kits never feel mundane.

Purely Vegan

We are serious about keeping everything plant-based. There is absolutely no contact with animal products during preparation or cooking.

Cooked From Scratch

All vegan meals are cooked from scratch using quality ingredients sourced from local partners. Nothing is processed and nothing is store-bought.

Naturally Extended Shelf Life

We don’t use artificial preservatives to extend shelf life. Our vacuum-sealed packaging keep meals fresh for up to six days.

Our Vegan Food Delivery in Toronto Has Been Featured In

Portion Control Meal Plan

Who Knew Having Lip-Smacking Vegan Meals Could Be So Easy

Vegan Meal Delivery in Toronto

Free Up Time With Our Vegan Food Delivery in Toronto

Staying faithfully vegan doesn’t have to be a chore – you don’t have to spend hours in grocery stores searching for the right ingredients. 

Order your vegan meals from Protein Chefs and spend time doing more of what you love.  

Get mouth-watering homemade-style meals without the worry of unhealthy ingredients. All our meals are prepared by expert chefs using only naturally grown, plant-based ingredients.

It Takes Vegans to Get Vegans

5+ Years

Of delivering healthy vegan meals in Toronto and all over Ontario

100% Vegan

No shortcuts, no compromise, just plant-based ingredients

8 Menus

Served each month, keeping every week different and exciting

An Enormous Menu to Choose From

Tired of reading the token two ‘vegan’ dishes on menus? 

Discover a large menu of delicious vegan meals that you’ll never tire of. 

There’s always something new on our menu that changes twice each week. We won’t let you get bored with your meals. 

Have a staple favorite? Our menus keep rotating so you can always come back to the ones you love. 

You can also create your own meal combos with our customizable plans that can be tailored to your preferred mix. 

Vegan Food Delivery in Toronto

Taste the Best Vegan Meal Delivery In Toronto

Live the vegan life without the hassles of ingredient shopping and tedious preparation.

Vegan Meal Delivery Toronto

Taste the Difference of Pure Ingredients

When we say it’s pure vegan, that means every tiny bit of what goes into your meal is plant-based and GMO-free

We never use store-bought ingredients – only organic, locally-grown vegetables. 

Protein Chefs Toronto meal prep delivery is proud to support local farmers, using seasonal produce to guarantee freshness.

Keep Meals Fresher For Longer

All our meals are packaged in vacuum-sealed containers that seal in the freshness for up to six days – without harmful preservatives. 

That way you don’t have to worry about food going bad by the end of the week. Just another way we are helping reduce food waste. 

Did you know: our vegan meal delivery in Toronto uses biodegradable and recyclable packaging. Protein Chefs also has a reusable box program to reduce waste.

Vegan Delivery In Toronto

Our vegan meal delivery service is changing the misconception that vegan meals are bland or boring. 

Enjoy delicious, gourmet-style vegan meals that are delivered right to your doorstep.

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