4 Best Options for Food Delivery in Mississauga (And What You Need to Check)

4 Best Options for Food Delivery in Mississauga (And What You Need to Check)

By Protein Chefs

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4:00 am, wake up for the morning jog. 5:00 am, shower and get ready for work. 6:00 am, get the kids ready for school, do laundry and feed the pets. 7:00 am, drop the kids off and start work. 8:00 am, you’re exhausted and hungry and the day has barely begun. Good thing there are excellent options for food delivery in Mississauga. 

No matter what your daily routine looks like, we all face the challenge of eating healthy. Meal delivery services greatly reduce the burden of grocery shopping and food prep. There are now so many of these services available that it’s difficult to pick the ones that are the best fit for you and your family’s diet. 

Let’s examine each food delivery service to help you find the ideal food delivery for your diet, location, and schedule.

Food Delivery in Mississauga: What to Look For

If you’re searching for healthy food delivery in Mississauga, you may be overwhelmed by all the choices. Of course, there are lots of options for take out in Mississauga. Companies like Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes, and DoorDash make it possible to order any food you crave. Unfortunately, these companies also make it easy to eat junk food and fast food constantly

Having ready-to-eat meals delivered to your door encourages healthy eating and helps you stick to your nutrition goals. Meal delivery also saves you time and stress each week. Some companies even offer discounts for joining, which you can access here.

What to Look For 

Dietary Restrictions

Before signing up for any meal delivery service, you need to check if they can consistently provide meals to meet your dietary restrictions, allergies, and food preferences. 

Though many meal-prep services specialize in offering healthy food, your individual meal choices may be somewhat limited. For example, you might not be able to choose meals from different plans, leaving you stuck with the same meal options. 

Delivery Locations

The availability of food prep services depends on your location. If you live far from the Greater Toronto Area, you may see a limitation on options for delivery. Other companies may also only cater to the GTA, excluding other parts of Ontario. 

Before subscribing, you should check fees, delivery schedules, and availability in your area—no one likes being surprised with unexpected fees.

Does the meal service you’re looking at offer food delivery to Mississauga in 24 hours or around the clock? Are delivery fees higher based on your address? 

Many meal service options also only offer delivery within the Greater Toronto Area, limiting service to other parts of Ontario. Before signing up, make sure you’re aware of all fees, delivery schedule to your area, and availability. 

food delivery to Mississauga in 24 hours

Food Delivery Services

Protein Chefs 

Protein Chefs is a gourmet meal delivery service based in Ontario. We specialize in sustainable food and highly customizable meal options.  Many customers choose Protein Chefs for weight loss, athletic goals, and maintaining specific diets. All meals are ready-to-eat, and only require heating. 

Food Quality and Variety

Protein Chefs are famous for our wide variety of meal options and dietary customization for vegans, keto diets and much more. Menus change twice a week, so you get to enjoy the variety that makes the spice of life. 

Meal Prices

Average $15.99/meal with a weekly subscription.

And you can get $15 off your first order.

Health Impact

Protein Chefs is a favorite option for athletes and people watching their weight. Our meals are based on exact portion control, providing a critical building block for fitness. 

What We’re Known For 

  • Ontario-Wide Shipping: While many meal prep companies only deliver within the GTA, Protein Chefs delivers to locations all across Ontario. 
  • Customization Options: No matter your diet, we’ve got you covered. You can choose any meals from our keto, vegan, high protein, and low-carb menus—just to name a few. You’re not locked into one type of meal plan, and can choose any meals you like. 
  • High-Quality Ingredients: We’re dedicated to providing sustainable, healthy food, and we only choose hormone-free certified Halal meat, 100% grass-fed beef, and wild-caught seafood. We also use local vegetables whenever possible. We’re proud that there are no MSG or GMO ingredients in our meals. 


Clean Plates Canada 

Clean Plates is a Southern Ontario-based meal prep company specializing in healthy pre-made meals. 

Food Quality and Variety

Clean Plates’ menu changes every 8 weeks, and they have 6 different meal plan options. 

Meal Prices

Meals start at $14.02 and increase in price based on how many meals you order per day. 

Health Impact

Although this company offers low carb and healthy options, they do not cater to specific diets such as paleo or vegan. 


What They’re Known For 

  • Unique Meal Options: Chefs and nutritionists create more new, interesting meals than larger companies such as HelloFresh. 
  • Locally Sourced Ingredients: Clean Plates uses local ingredients whenever possible. 
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An Ontario-based meal delivery service, Meels focuses on high-quality, healthy meals with no food additives. 

Food Quality and Variety

As this is a small company, options sell out quickly. The meal you select may no longer be available for that week. Meels does not offer plans for specific diets such as keto. 

Meal Prices

Meals range from $14.99 to $18.99 on average. 

Health Impact

Culinary scientists and nutritionists help create the meals, focusing on well-balanced ingredients and healthy fats. 

What They’re Known For 

  • Global Inspiration: Meels prepares food based on cuisine from Mexico, Korea, Morocco, Italy, India, and more. 


HelloFresh prepares boxes of pre-portioned ingredients, which are delivered to your door so you can cook fresh meals yourself. This type of meal delivery is not ideal if you wish to avoid cooking. 

Food Quality and Variety

HelloFresh’s weekly recipe choices are a bit on the limited side, but the ingredients are always fresh. 

Meal Prices

Meals start at $9.25, but your final cost changes depending on which meal plan you select. 

Health Impact

HelloFresh has broad categories for meal plans, such as “calorie smart” and “family friendly”. They do not offer specific options for strict diets such as keto, vegan, and gluten-free. 

What They’re Known For 

  • Step-by-Step Recipes: HelloFresh is ideal for people who want to prepare their own fresh food and learn how to become better cooks, with none of the food waste. 


Interested in keto? Did you know…

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What’s the Best Food Delivery in Mississauga? 

If you’re looking for delicious, nutritious meals prepared with the best sustainable ingredients, check out Protein Chefs. Our meals have been featured in top fitness magazines Inside Fitness and Muscle Insider—you could say we know a thing or two about healthy eating.

We provide a healthy menu that supports your nutrition needs, no matter your diet. Tap into highly customizable meal plans for every type of diet, preference, and allergy.

We provide fast delivery in Mississauga and throughout Ontario. Don’t forget to keep checking our menu, as our options change twice a week!

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