Level Up Your Fitness With Healthy Food in Ottawa

Level Up Your Fitness With Healthy Food in Ottawa

By Protein Chefs

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A lot of people assume the best way to eat healthily is to avoid dining out entirely and rely on making all our meals from scratch or pay for an Ottawa healthy meal delivery service. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for healthy food in downtown Ottawa and Greater Ottawa.

Whether you are looking for healthy ways to enjoy a new dining experience, a fun night out with friends, or a great family restaurant that parents and kids will appreciate, Ottawa’s healthy food eateries have you covered.

Below are seven places for healthy meal plans in Ottawa that will leave you feeling nourished and energized.

Protein Chefs

Protein Chefs is a Canadian-owned and operated meal planning and delivery service that provides healthy meal options tailored to a range of diets. We offer a variety of balanced meals ideal for the following nutritional preferences:

  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • Weight loss
  • Halal
  • High protein
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

Residents in Ottawa can rely on us for tasty, wholesome, nutritious science-backed meals that are easy to select and have delivered to their own homes. Plus, you get $15 off your first order with Protein Chefs.

Not only does it save time and eliminate the risk of making poor food choices we tend to make when in a rush, but a healthy meal delivery service in Ottawa can offer custom meal plans tailored to your dietary needs and flavor preferences. We source locally grown vegetables and only use 100% grass-fed beef and wild-caught, sustainable seafood.

Plus, having healthy, macro-balanced meals delivered right to your door is a great way to ensure you make consistent, healthful food choices.

Pure Kitchen

Pure Kitchen is a vegetarian and juice bar that’s been part of Ottawa’s healthy food landscape since 2015. Since opening that first restaurant in Westboro, Pure Kitchen’s owners have opened four more locations and two distinctly unique bars, Charlotte and Marin.

Diners at Pure Kitchen can choose from excellent vegetarian and vegan dishes full of wholesome ingredients and creative interpretations of traditional, non-vegetarian options. They also have options for healthy food delivery in Ottawa, ideal for a health-conscious takeout night.

Mad Radish

Mad Radish is a chain of fast-casual eateries known for offering “internationally inspired bowls, salads, sandwiches, smoothies and craveable desserts” as part of their mission to “elevate fast food and transform the way people think about healthy eating.”

Their collection of wraps, soups, and treats are perfect for engaging your tastebuds without compromising your dietary needs or fitness goals. 

In addition to being dedicated to preparing dishes with whole foods and quality proteins, Mad Radish takes the sourcing of ingredients and packaging very seriously. They work with local vendors and farmers as much as possible and use 100% plant-based, compostable packaging whenever possible.

Chopped Leaf

At The Chopped Leaf, the saying goes, “Feel Good After You Eat!” They hold up to that promise. Their mouthwatering selection of salads, wholesome bowls, soups, wraps, and quesadillas will leave you feeling nourished, not sluggish. To wash down those last tasty morsels, try their daily selection of fruit-infused water, appropriately named “Chopped Water.”

This is one establishment where kids and parents will both enjoy eating healthy. If you have a chicken nugget lover in your crew, the Chickie Bowl or Chickie Ranch wrap will surely win them over.

The Chopped Leaf is located at The Ottawa Trainyards shopping complex.


Another vegetarian eatery on our list of Ottawa healthy food options is Chickpeas, Ottawa’s “first and only Falafel and Hummus Eatery.” 

What sets Chickpeas apart from other vegetarian establishments is their tantalizing falafel and hummus selection (there are eight kinds of hummus to choose from!) and a Middle-Eastern flair in all their dishes.

The owners of Chickpeas operate three locations in some of Ottawa’s areas adored by local foodies, including The ByWard Market and The Glebe.

Juice Monkey

When headed to or from a workout, a stop at Ottawa’s Juice Monkey smoothie bar is perfect for grabbing a light pre-workout meal or post-workout boost. 

In addition to having ten beloved smoothie blends to choose from, plus oodles of fresh sandwiches and power bowl toppings, Juice Monkey prices are genuinely appealing. A trip to Juice Monkey is a sure bet for reasonably priced, healthy food options that can support a clean eater in the nation’s capital.

The Green Door

For a healthy twist on the all-you-can-eat buffet, stop in at The Green Door. This self-serve vegetarian buffet is nestled in the quaint area of Old Ottawa. You can “create your own unique plate to best suit your appetite & nutrition needs.”

The Green Door has adopted a farm-to-table approach. It adjusts its menu offerings each season to match locally available high-quality ingredients. This means every bite of food enjoyed from The Green Door is made with freshly grown ingredients and supports Ottawa’s local farmers.

Healthy Food Delivery in Ottawa – Enjoy the Flavourful Options! 

Healthy Food Delivery in Ottawa

When looking to eat healthy in Ottawa and still enjoy a restaurant experience or homestyle cooking, the nation’s capital has plenty of options everyone can enjoy. 

Save time on shopping, cooking, food waste, and more when you order Protein Chefs’ prepared meals. Boost your:

  • Energy levels
  • Immune system
  • Overall health

For those nights you want to stay in, Protein Chefs offers easy, ready-to-eat Ottawa healthy food delivery. Each menu option is designed with nutrition in mind. Our chefs use only sustainable ingredients—right down to our vegetables.  

To learn more about how Protein Chefs healthy meal prep in Ottawa simplifies and supports your nutrition goals, browse our menu

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