Burlington Healthy Meal Delivery Company

Healthy Meal Delivery
in Burlington
To Suit Any Diet or Lifestyle

Make eating healthy simple with fresh, nutritious meals delivered right to your doorstep with the Best Meal Delivery Service in Burlington.

Why choose Protein Chefs for fresh meal delivery in Burlington?

  • Customized meal plans for any diet including keto, high-protein, paleo, and more.
  • Enjoy high-quality foods made from quality ingredients without GMO, MSG or artificial preservatives.
  • Add variety to your diet and keep things interesting with a menu that changes eight times per month.
  • Keep food fresh with vacuum-sealed packaging that locks in flavor and freshness of food for up to six days.
  • Eat healthy meals that fit your lifestyle with certified vegan, gluten free and Halal options available.

Don’t be tempted by unhealthy foods in the grocery store. Enjoy Protein Chefs healthy meal plans in Burlington and get nutritious meals delivered straight to you.

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I work a very long day, and if one meal was missing it would mess me right up. I gave Protein Chefs a try and i loved the variety of clean healthy food they provided me. I never even felt the need to heat up the food because it was so good. Full of flavor.

Having this service gave me the time to come home and relax. I didn’t need to cook. Because I no longer had this stress my body reacted so much better. I looked forward to my meals, and was a happier person.

I strongly recommend giving Protein Chefs a try.

Brittany Paige

The fact that protein chefs offers the best quality of meats and veggies has a lot to do with estrogen control. Less hormones and preservatives equals an over all happy body.

I lost 8 pounds while working with protein chefs over 3 months. It was a healthy weight loss and I have had no problem keeping it off because of that important factor. Thank you protein chefs.


Sheena Thompson

Protein Chefs

Meal Prep Service in Burlington

120 Industry Street, Unit C
York, ON M6M 4L8

Contact Us: 833-585-1613

Benefits of Protein Chefs Outstanding Meal Service in Burlington

Customized Meals

Mix and match your pre-made meals in Burlington based on our wide variety of food options to meet your lifestyle and fitness goals, including keto, paleo and high-protein options.

High Quality Ingredients

Our healthy prepared meals in Burlington include high quality ingredients, such as hormone free meats, 100% grass-fed beef, and sustainably caught wild seafood.

CCC Certified Chef

Our top-notch, gourmet Burlington meal programs are prepared by a Certified Chef de Cuisine (CCC) to ensure you get the best tasting, healthy food possible.


Our Burlington meal delivery service relies on locally-sourced, seasonal produce to guarantee freshness. Plus, our meals are GMO-free.

Variety of Meals

You won’t get tired of the same meal subscription in Burlington. Our menu changes twice per week for a variety of meal options to help you stick with your diet plan.


Extended Shelf Life

Keep meals fresher for longer with vacuum-sealed packaging that doubles shelf life for up to 6 days with our Burlington meal plans.

Halal and Vegan Options

Enjoy certified Halal or vegan Burlington prepared meals, which allow you to stick to a healthy diet meal plan that aligns with your lifestyle.

MSG Free

We never use MSG in our healthy meals delivered to Burlington residents, so you don’t have to worry about unhealthy, hidden ingredients.

No Artificial Colours or Preservatives

To offer the best meal delivery in Burlington, we use only natural ingredients, free of artificial colours or preservatives.


Healthy Meals in Burlington As Featured In

Portion Control Meal Plan

What Makes Protein Chefs One of the Top Meal Prep Companies in Burlington?

Burlington Healthy Meal Delivery

Prepared Meal Delivery in Burlington
to Suit Your Diet and Lifestyle

No matter your fitness goals, Protein Chefs offers home cooked meals in Burlington to suit your specific needs.

We’ve been featured in Canada’s top fitness magazines for our variety of outstanding meal options, including:

  • Gourmet meals
  • Keto meals
  • Paleo meals
  • Weight-loss meals
  • Vegan meals
  • And more!

From paleo meal delivery in Burlington to high-end gourmet options, and everything in between, we offer the perfect healthy meal plans for each Burlington resident’s lifestyle and fitness goals.


What Makes Protein Chefs Burlington Meal Delivery the Best?

Door Delivery

Guaranteed delivery by 9am – 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays

25 Years

Of gourmet chef expertise in the hospitality industry


Healthy meals free of GMO, MSG, artificial colours or preservatives

Save Time and Energy
on Meal Prep in Burlington

You have a busy life. Trying to eat healthy can take a lot of time – which is one thing that you don’t have much of. 

Let us help you save time and make eating healthy simple with meal prep Burlington delivery. 

Protein Chefs offers the best meal delivery service in Burlington, designed to help you achieve your fitness and dietary goals. 

We use high quality, all-natural ingredients in meals that are delivered straight to your home for unmatched ease and convenience.

Looking for variety in your diet? We can help with that, too. 

You can customize your meal plan by mixing and matching meals from various meal options to suit your unique dietary needs.


Meal Delivery in Burlington

Choose the Best Meal Prep Delivery in Burlington

Skip the lineups at the grocery store and put hours back on your schedule

Meal Prep Companies in Burlington

Delicious Homestyle Meals
in Burlington
Prepared by Certified Chefs

You won’t find our meals in the frozen foods section.

All Protein Chefs’ fitness meals in Burlington are cooked fresh by a Certified Chef de Cuisine (CCC) with over 25 years of experience within the hospitality industry. 

Our master chefs are experienced in food pairing, nutrition and following the Canada Food Guide – ensuring that all meal kits in Burlington are delicious, nutritious, and suit your specific fitness goals.



High-Quality Ingredients for
Healthy Meal Delivery in Burlington

Stay fit by eating meals that include the healthiest ingredients available. 

We use only high-quality ingredients for our Burlington meal prep service, such as:

  • 100% grass-fed beef
  • Hormone free meats
  • Wild caught sustainable seafood
  • Organic, locally-grown vegetables
  • Carefully selected healthy fats

Our premade meals in Burlington are also GMO-free and contain no MSG, artificial colours or preservatives. 

All Protein Chefs meals are prepackaged in vacuum-sealed containers to lock in freshness for up to six days, so you don’t have to worry about food going bad by the end of the week.

No matter which meal plan Burlington you choose, you can be confident you’re eating only the best.


Meal Service in Burlington

Make eating healthy easy with the experts
at Protein Chefs for home Meal Delivery in Burlington.

Our Meal Prep Services provide Burlington residents with fresh, nutritious, high-quality meals delivered
right to your doorstep.

If you’re ready to see how you can benefit from Burlington Meal Prep Delivery, contact us today!



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