The Best Vegan Delivery Options in Ottawa

The Best Vegan Delivery Options in Ottawa

By Protein Chefs

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Exploring different diets has never been easier thanks to the growth of different dining options like vegan food in Ottawa, especially meal delivery. No matter where you are in the city, you can rest assured that within a few minutes you can enjoy some of the best vegan food in Ottawa.

Dining vegan has a variety of benefits, from being better for the environment to helping people maintain healthier diets to reducing animal cruelty in factory farming. Even athletes and bodybuilders are finding vegan diets that not only work for them, but may actually improve their performance. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best vegan food in Ottawa—but before we do that, a quick note on what we mean when we talk about what actually goes into a vegan diet. 

Being Vegan in Ottawa: A Diet Rundown

If you’re looking for vegan delivery in Ottawa, you’re most likely a dedicated vegan already. But if you’re new to the vegan lifestyle, let’s quickly go over the basic principles. 

First, any food you eat cannot be derived from animals in any way, shape, or form. That means no:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Milk
  • Milk by-products (butter, cream, yogurt, etc.) 

Some vegans will take this a step further and include honey on the list above, but that’s ultimately up to you to decide. 

The driving philosophy behind veganism is to keep food cruelty-free, meaning that no living animal was harmed in the cultivation and collection of what you eat. 

As mentioned above, most people opt for a vegan lifestyle because it can:

  • Help you be healthier
  • Save living animals from pain
  • Be better for the environment

There are plenty of resources online that you can search up if you want to learn more about being vegan—or even get in touch with local vegan communities, they’re always happy to help you transition to your new diet if interested! 

The Best Vegan Food in Ottawa

The following list includes:

  • Vegan meal delivery in Ottawa (meal prep kits)
  • Vegan food delivery in Ottawa (food directly from vegan restaurants or restaurants with vegan options)

The goal is to provide you with a list of the best vegan food in Ottawa, Ontario, irrespective of whether the food is delivered straight from a restaurant or as a meal kit. 

Best Vegan Food Delivery in Ottawa

1. Protein Chefs

At Protein Chefs, we pride ourselves on delivering some of the best vegan food in Ottawa. 

With us, you’ll get vegan meal delivery in Ottawa that drops curated, prepared meals right to your doorstep. Many people find shopping vegan to be difficult and taxing as you have to sort through every individual ingredient to ensure that it’s animal-product free. But with Protein Chefs, you’ll get a fully vegan meal brought to your home, ready to eat. 

You can customize your meal plan to receive anywhere between one and six meals a week, with the ability to scale your portions, so you won’t overspend on food you end up throwing out. 

The menu is curated to feature tried and tested meals that are equal parts good for you and tasty. These menus rotate monthly so you’ll never get tired of eating the same stuff over and over and over again. 

2. Peace-Garden Vegetarian Paradise

If you’re keen on heading out to a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options, then Peace-Garden Vegetarian Paradise is the place for you. They offer a variety of plant-based meals as well as gluten-free options.

This is a great spot for small plates as well as larger meals, guaranteed to satisfy everyone in your group—even the non-vegans. 

Located in the Byward Market, it only has one location in Ottawa but it’s well worth it if you’re in the downtown core looking for a nice veggie-based food. 

3. Baccanalle

A Caribbean restaurant with vegan dishes, Baccanalle offers an eclectic mix of dining options for those whose appetite is wide and varied. From wraps to soups to rice bowls, whatever your taste buds are craving, you should be able to find something to satisfy them at Baccanalle. 

 4. Vegan Frenzy

Vegan Frenzy is an Italian approach to eating vegan. Grab a slice of pizza (or a whole pie) or enjoy a bowl of vegan pasta. Each dish contains a healthy mixture of fresh veggies, certain to delight and satisfy whatever craving you may have. 

If you’re looking for a light meal for the warmer weather, we have to recommend their salads—especially their vegan medley salad.

Want Vegan Delivery in Ottawa That’s Affordable and Sustainable Long-Term? Protein Chefs Is the Answer

Going out to award-winning restaurants in Ottawa every night for dinner sounds nice, but is it sustainable long-term? That’s especially true given how expensive food has become, with vegan options tending to be even pricier than non-vegan meals. 

In other words, if you want a way to keep vegan without breaking your bank account or spending hours at the grocery store sorting through ingredients, then you want Protein Chefs. 

Our vegan meals are always prepared with sustainable ingredients. Just so you know we’re serious about what we do, we’ve had our food featured in top fitness magazines Inside Fitness and Muscle Insider.

We provide a healthy menu that supports your nutrition while helping you keep vegan. Tap into highly customizable meal plans for every type of diet, preference, and allergy.

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