Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

Nothing But Vegan: Toronto's Best Vegan Restaurants for Plant-Based Dishes

By Ronneil Ramlal

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Local foodies know that Toronto is home to some of the best restaurants in Canada; the T.O. has has even been touted as the #1 foodie city in the country. As such, the city has something to amaze everyone’s palette and food preferences, and vegans are no exception. Today we’re shining the spotlight on vegan lovers and sharing the top 11 vegan restaurants in Toronto.

“A vegan lifestyle shouldn’t have to come at the expense of convenience and affordability. Toronto is one of the best places in the world for any kind of diet, and these restaurants really highlight that fact.”

-Ronneil Ramlal, CEO at Protein Chefs

9 Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

With a culinary scene as diverse as its population, it’s not hard to find vegan friendly restaurants in Toronto. This is good news for vegan food lovers who have more options than ever! Whether driven by health benefits, environmental concerns, or other reasons, more and more people are discovering (and loving!) the delicious world of plant-based foods.

And the city's restaurants have risen to the occasion. There’s something for everyone - and for every occasion! Whether it’s a purely vegan menu you’re looking for, or restaurants with vegan options, Toronto has you covered. Let’s dig in!

Top Casual Eateries for Vegans


With two amazing and chic locations to choose from, Planta offers a relaxed yet sophisticated dining experience both vegans and non-vegans will love. The menu shows a distinctly Asian flair with sushi, dumplings, and mouth-watering lettuce wraps - but all are re-imagined with the vegan in mind.

Stop in their Yorkville or Queen Street West locations for a casual date and a taste of pure yum.

Fresh on Bloor 

A staple in Toronto's vegan scene, Fresh on Bloor offers everything from bowls to burgers and are purely plant-based. Their quinoa onion rings are absolute legends, crafted by chefs with five vegan cookbooks under their list of contributions to the vegan community.

Not near Bloor? Fresh has multiple locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area to choose from.

Hogtown Vegan 

Perfect for the newbie vegan in Toronto craving some gooey, cheesy comfort food, The Hogtown Vegan has your back. With indulgent options that include Soy Pork Nachos, Mac n Cheez, Pulled unPork Sandwiches, plus unChicken Nuggets for kids, you’re sure to have every craving for cozy treats quenched at Hogtown.

Odd Burger

Burgers! Who doesn’t love a good, juicy burger? For plant-based vegan burgers you can really sink your teeth into, jump over to Odd Burger for vegan friendly options of iconic fast-food options. Perfect if you're on-the-go and need a fast, tasty option to keep you going.

Best Vegan Restaurants



Looking for Plant-Based Fine Dining? Here’s 3 Vegan Restaurants in Toronto That Won’t Disappoint

Avelo Restaurant

Avelo offers guests a unique and surprising dining experience - and offers a regularly changing, secret menu.

As the owners of the St. Nicholas St. establishment so aptly put, “Our aim is to deliver an extraordinary dining experience for our guests through an exploration of plant-based cuisine. This involves plenty of creativity, geared towards the more adventurous diner.”

With over 500 rave reviews behind them, it’s a safe bet you’re going to love what they serve.

Rosalinda Restaurant

Another must-try for vegan-loving foodies is Rosalinda Restaurant. Step into a fresh atmosphere with a cool-blue color palette and cozy velvet-covered hideaways and enjoy elegant vegan cuisine you’ll rave about.

Rosalinda isn’t just for vegans either, with several gluten-free options to choose from, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious meal without fear of compromising dietary needs.

Not sure what you should try first? We recommend the Flautas.

Osteria Du

Is there anything more synonymous with an elegant, fine dining experience than Italian cuisine? We didn’t think so. Until Osteria Du came along, vegans in Toronto would have to scour the menu at an Italian eatery for something that meets their food preferences. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case.

Osteria Du offers purely plant-based Italian-inspired dishes that will have you delighting in every sumptuous, Italian-inspired bite.

Want more Vegan-friendly foodie tips? Read our blog!

On-the-Go? Grab a Quick Bite at One of These Toronto Vegan Eateries

Kupfert & Kim

Wheatless and meatless food options await you at this growing chain of vegan-friendly restaurants in Toronto. From delicious brunch options your friends will happily wait in line for to burgers and lasagne, any time of day is perfect for a quick stop at this local gem.


Plant based ice cream that tastes better than you can imagine? You’ll find that at Nanashake on Yonge street. This tasty, milk-free, creamy treat will cool you down and quench your sweet tooth at the same time. Nanashake products are also available at supermarkets across the GTA. Click here to find one nearest you.

Tori’s Bake Shop

The doors of Tori’s Bake Shop opened in 2012 and has been a welcome staple to the Beaches neighborhood ever since. Tasty treats made from organic ingredients and completely vegan-friendly can be found in this delightful bakery.

Enjoy handmade Canadian classic treats (think Nanaimo bars!), doughnuts, cakes, cookies, and hearty loaves of bread made with organic and natural ingredients.

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